Saturday, October 16, 2010

October October, how I love thee

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I'm slacking this year as far as my decorating is concerned, only because I REFUSE to go in the garage and get bit by a black widow or stung by a scorpion. Call me crazy, I know. However, I have done some pretty darn fun treats for my kids! I've also discovered, I'm not very good at mummy wraps. Oh well! I can't wait for Payton to be old enough to have a halloween party, I have so many fun ideas now. Anyway, we got the kids costumes, and surprise surprise, Ben is Woody, Payton is a SWAT guy, and Savannah is Supergirl (totally cute, and got it on clearance last year after halloween. Tony carved Ben's pumpkin today, and surprise again, it's Woody.

On to other things...

Ben is FINALLY starting to get into the potty training thing! Peeing is his area of expertise, pooping...not so much. Small strides, he'll get there, eventually. So, I finally gave in and went to the doctor. First time since who knows when, other than my OB obviously. Turns out I'm not going crazy, and I really do feel like crap for a reason. I did an ekg at work the other night for fun, showed an elevated t wave (could mean too much potassium...not good), but the one in the doctor's office a few hours later showed premature atrial contraction. Not a horrible or uncommon thing to have, but she's sending me to a cardiologist and also ordering a holter monitor for 24 hours. That just records my heart rythmns and junk, which the cardiologist will read and decide what's next. I didn't even bother telling my primary about my other symptoms since I'm seeing the specialist anyway. So for now, no more caffeine for me. So sad I know. Other than that, we're poor, and everything is breaking. On the bright side, we're all alive.

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